Definitions for "Black box"
a device which maintains a record of cockpit conversations and the readings of many of the instruments on board an aircraft, continuously or at frequent time intervals during a flight. It is of rugged design to withstand a violent crash, and is used to determine the causes of aircraft accidents.
A computer-speak euphemism for a program or service whose internal workings are unknown, but that produces a predictable set of outputs for a particular set of inputs.
An unknown and often unknowable mechanism, process, or system which is judged solely by observing its inputs and outputs.
any electronic instrument or part of an instrument whose function is defined, but which is treated as a unit without consideration of the internal mechanisms; broadly, any device whose internal workings are considered as incomprehensible or mysterious by the user; as, to treat the meter as a black box and take its readings on faith.
a biological mystery
a convenient analogy for something that happens by magic
A proprietary, computerized trading system whose rules are not disclosed or readily accessible.
A term used to describe a trading system which has been created and back-tested by an independent supplier. Due to the problems of such systems frequently having been curve fitted, many black box systems are often not particularly robust in the long-term. Although some systems have shown good results over time, it would hardly be unfair to note that the majority have not.
a metaphor borrowed from cybernetics denoting a piece of machinery that "runs by itself"
Electronic control device.
a device that is hooked up to your fone that fixes your fone so that when you get a call, the caller doesn't get charged for the call
a device used with a downrigger to place a very small electric charge on a downrigger cable
A term used loosely to refer to any assembly or subassembly, usually electronic, that can readily be installed or removed from a specific location in a larger system by an operator not familiar with its detailed internal structure.
It is a complex electronic product which is defined by its functional, or operating characteristics and is packaged as a singular unit. Its internal parts are hidden from view.
Any unit or subassembly installed in equipment that is packaged for ease of removal for ready maintenance.
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a type of theater
A flexible theater space named for its appearance.
A multi-purpose performance space, without permanent seating or staging.
A type of theatre that has no fixed stage or seating area and can be configured as needed for each performance.
a warning placed at the beginning of an FDA-approved label; it is the strongest warning to prescribing physicians, healthcare professionals and patients that severe adverse reactions have been experienced from use of the product
a resistor (and often capacitor in parallel) placed in series across the phone line to cause the phone company equipment to be unable to detect that you have answered your telephone
Is software that is used for proprietary trading or analytical purposes. The key rules and core algorithms are not revealed to the users.
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a unit that does a well-defined job (described by a short comment at the start in the case of the function)
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a concept used in physics
an engineering term that works like this
something that can be used without knowing how it works inside