Definitions for "RGB Video"
Keywords:  sync, rsgsbs, rgsb, scart, ttl
RGB is a high quality video signal supported by few DVD players, high-end televisions and projection monitors in Australia. It is usually carried via a SCART universal connector. RGB is generally seen as a European standard.
A form of color video signal (red, green and blue) distinctly different from the composite color video used in standard television sets. RGB can be displayed only on an RGB monitor that has a separate electron gun for each of these primary colors. Some color television sets use only one gun, RGB monitors are noted for their crisp, bright colors and high resolution. RGB video can have four different forms: RGsB (sync is on the green signal), RGBS (sync is separate from the colors), RGBHV (sync is separate from the colors, and the horizontal and vertical sync signals are separate) and RsGsBs (sync on red, green and blue).
A video (generally computer) viewing system that uses discrete red, green and blue signals in separate wires.