Definitions for "Color Bars"
A test pattern of specifically colored vertical bars used as a reference to test the performance of a color television
A standard color test signal displayed as columns, often accompanied by a reference audio tone. Color bars are used to adjust a video signal to maintain proper color from tape to computer, and through to output.
A standard color test signal, displayed as a video pattern of eight equal width columns (that is, “bars”) of colors. SMPTE color bars are a common standard. You adjust video levels against the color bars on your source videotape before digitizing.
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The little squares at the edge of a sheet where density readings of color are taken.
A small strip of color blocks on a press sheet used to check color consistency, density and dot gain.
Carried on all four-color process color printed sheets to show the amount of ink used, the trapping, and the relative densities across the press sheet. A guide for the printer.