Definitions for "Cibachrome print"
A brand name. See chromogenic color print.
There are two kinds of paper manufactured by Ilfochrome:high gloss and matte surface. The extremely high-gloss paper, introduced in 1963, is, according to experts, the most stable commercially available color process. Furthermore they maintain that a Cibachrome print is the sharpest and highest resolution color print made possible by any process. This is a silver dye-'bleach process and it forms an image by selectively bleaching dyes already existing within the paper. The matte surface Cibachrome is much less stable because it is made on an RC base. (See Ektacolor RC print)
(Dye-destruction print, dye-bleach process) A positive-to-positive (reversal) process usually resulting in a print made from a color transparency, involving the use of three emulsion layers of silver salts sensitized to one of three colors - red, green or blue. Within each layer is a dye related to one of the three colors. After exposure, the image is developed and then bleached out resulting in the remaining dyes on a white support forming a full color image made up of the three emulsion layers. Cibachrome is the patent name given to the process by Ilford.
a very high quality photographic process