Definitions for "Comb filter"
A processing module that produces as output the sum of its input and a delayed version of its input, used in the plucked string model to mimic the effect of pick position.
This is a filter built into televisions that is designed to improve resolution and picture quality by reducing objectionable color patterns. low to mid line televisions use a glass comb filter, while higher end televisions use a digital comb filter which greatly enhances resolution.
A circuit in NTSC sets that separates the color information from the brightness information.
When two combining sound waves have different amplitudes, phases, and frequencies, the resultant soundwave develops nulls - spaces where the energy has cancelled. So called because the overall frequency response resembles a comb due to the areas of cancellation causing large drops in level.
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Combination/Combi Combo Amp
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harmonic patch spectrum
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Directional antenna