Definitions for "Dynamic Range"
The range of the softest to the loudest sound that can be produced by an instrument. Or the range of the low and high signal levels obtainable by a velocity sensitive keyboard. The greater the Dynamic Range, the more sensitive the keyboard.
The amount that a voice or other sound source varies in level. An example would be a person whispering one moment and shouting the next. This would show a lot of dynamic range.
Refers to the difference between loud and soft sounds. A speaker with wide dynamic range -- one that can reproduce the sudden and wide changes between loud and soft sounds in music and video soundtracks -- will sound more realistic.
The specifications under which an assay measurably responds to the interference by a test compound.
The continuous span of high to low analyte concentrations that can be reliably detected in the assay.
It is the interval between the upper and lower concentration of the analyte in the sample for which the assay has been demonstrated to have acceptable level of accuracy, precision, linearity, etc.
Gradation of intensity available for use by a presenter from demure whisper to boisterous screams.
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Dynamic seal Dynamic type compressors
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a group of addresses that a DHCP server assigns
It is the number of possible colors or shades of gray that can be included in a particular image. 8-bit images can represent as many as 256 colors; 24-bit images can represent approximately 16 million colors.
The amount of control a touch responsive keyboard, or controller, gives the player.
Ability of a digital camera in representing variety of colors.
measures the extremes of frequencies a device will support.