Definitions for "Clicker"
Keywords:  audible, archer, arrow, bow, snapping
A spring loaded finger that sounds an audible cue to the archer that the arrow has been drawn to a repeatable distance.
A device attached to the bow which gives an audible warning when the required draw length has been reached. The "click" to often used by archers as a signal to release.
An audible draw length indicator.
One who as has charge of the work of a companionship.
the foreman of a companionship of compositors, who distributes the copy (OED). At large firms like Sun a clicker would often be responsible for a particular publication.
Keywords:  cricket, noise, press, matchbox, gadget
a little hand-held gadget that makes a sound like a cricket
a particular device this builds a particular distinctive noise
a plastic device that makes a cricket-like click sound when the shiny metal part is pressed
Keywords:  invite, salesman, stood, servant, door
One who stands before a shop door to invite people to buy.
The servant of a salesman who stood at the door to invite
Keywords:  freespool, bites, alert, tension, alarm
When engaged, the clicker increases the tension on freespool and activates a clicking alarm to alert you as to when a fish bites.
Keywords:  skiers, downhill, doesn't, straps, kind
This is a type of binding that doesn't require straps. It is kind of like the bindings that downhill skiers use.
a bad training tool, because you can't take it into the ring
a dog training devise
a tool, like a lead or collar