Definitions for "Touch Pad"
Keywords:  swimmer, pad, mouse, lane, sensitive
The part of an electronic timing system that rests in the water at the end of each lane. Swimmers times are automatically recorded when the swimmer touches the pad.
The removable plate (on the end of pools) that is connected to an automatic timing system. A swimmer must properly touch the touchpad to register an official time in a race.
An input device with a touch-sensitive surface. Touch tablets can be used to control cursor movements, act as an alternative keyboard, or replace a mouse of a joystick.
a small rectangular area
A small rectangular-shaped input device, often found on notebook computers, that is touched with the finger or thumb to control an onscreen pointer and make selections.
(n.) 1. An exit device actuator with a paddle shape. (n.) 2. A remote door opener activator, typically electric or electronic, which facilitates handicap access. Source: Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council
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Operator interface.