Definitions for "Silencer"
Any of various devices to silence the humming noise of telegraph wires.
A device for silencing the report of a firearm shooting its projectiles singly, as a tubular attachment for the muzzle having circular plates that permit the passage of the projectile but impart a rotary motion to, and thus retard, the exploding gases.
A device fitted at a valves outlet to reduce and dampen the noise produced when the valve vents ( 2703)
A Silencer is a fictional soldier from the computer game series Crusader.
Silencer was released by Mind Control Software for online play using WON technology. It was a multiplayer only game that combined elements of sidescroller games with other Sci-Fi action games such as Crusader: No Remorse. In the game, there were multiple competing agencies that sent agents into the field to hack public computer terminals, with the goal of exposing the martian government's secrets.
Silencer is an album released in 2000 by New Zealand rock band, Zed. In 2001, a bonus disc edition was released.
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An unsanctioned puck that is more quiet, when struck, then a traditional lexan puck. The physics of a silencer puck compared to a traditional puck is significantly different.
A cis-regulatory sequence that can reduce levels of transcription from an adjacent promoter.
A regulatory sequence that reduces the rate of transcription of a gene or genes located some distance away in either direction.
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a good idea on most of these, and a good sound supressor is rubber cement
a rubber bumper that fits around the outer edge of the dog tag
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an old model that must not to be confused with last generation Arctic Cooling VGA Cooler
A strip of webbing or sturdy material placed between the lower coil of a spring and the frame to prevent the depressed spring hitting the wood.
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A small piece of resilient material attached to the stop on a door frame to cushion the closing of the door.
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a suitable option
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One that silences;