Definitions for "Open system"
A system that exchanges energy and matter with its environment.
A telecommunications system that employs standardised communications procedures and methods for interaction with other systems. source: TINA-C domain: TMN usage: EU-P103
A system which permits connection to a variety of other systems or technologies.
a scientific term derived from the Second Law of Thermodynamics, or Entropy, as it is more popularly known
A breast pump designed to be used by a single user. The undesirable possibility exists of breast milk entering the tubing and pump motor when the collection container is overfilled or tilted. See also single user.
a method in which an individual or organization must interact with various and constantly changing components in both the external and internal environments.
An organisational approach to accepting input from the external environment.
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ORB (Object Request Broker) Outside Money
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a standard's being available to everyone