Definitions for "System Integrator"
Provides engineering design, layout and installation of wireless systems. System Integrators may be authorized resellers of various system hardware providers (see "System Provider").
a worker who plans the sequence of build s required in an iteration and integrates each build when its parts have been implemented
or SI - A system integrator brings together multiple pieces of a complex system like a municpal broadband network, in much the same way that a general contractor takes responsibillity to get a house built. The SI serves a vital role as a single point of contact responsible for the creation of the system. Examples of an SI include IBM Global Services, which works with several vendors on a custom solution, and WFI, which started off building cellular networks and migrated to building municipal networks.
a Silanta Technologies partner that customizes Silanta Technologies functions and features to meet specific, customer requirements
An individual or company that combines various components and programs into a functioning system, customized for a particular customer's needs.
An independent professional who specifies and provides the necessary combinations of hardware and software in response to an end user's needs.