Definitions for "CRS"
Channelized Reserved Services. A standards-based architecture enabling the auto-provisioning of next-generation IP applications in optical networks. The services are reserved by an on-the-fly channelization of bandwidth, which perfectly fits the requirements of the application. Designed to cost-effectively reduce a service provider's time to market, the CRS architecture integrates IP networking with intelligent optical transport, featuring dynamic bandwidth allocation and inherent multicast capabilities.
See Channelized Reserved Services.
Community Rating System. A federal initiative that provides incentives for communities to go beyond the minimum floodplain management requirements by developing extra flood protection measures. Policyholders within these communities receive a percentage discount off of their annual premiums.
andida- elated yndrome - Candida Albicans: A dimorphic fungus that is an opportunistic pathogen of humans. A common aetiological agent for candidiasis and thrush. This species is found as a part of the normal gastrointestinal flora. See LGS. Candidiasis is more of a function of immunity than anything else. That is why sugar is so devastating in the fight against Candida and why small amounts of fruit are not.
Computer Resource Specialist job title
Certified Relocation Specialist.
Certified Residential Specialist.
Compagnies Republicaines de Securité (Republican Security Companies – militarily armed and trained elite security troops)
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Co-operative Retail Services, now merged with CWS to form Co-operative Group (CWS) Ltd.
Contraceptive Retail Sales
Continuous Replenishment System - replenishment based on Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), as calculated by retailer or supplier, and retail supplied status reports.
Cutaneous Radiation Syndrome. the complex syndrome resulting from radiation exposure of more than 200 rads to the skin. The immediate effects can be reddening and swelling of the exposed area (like a severe burn), blisters, ulcers on the skin, hair loss, and severe pain. Very large doses can result in permanent hair loss, scarring, altered skin color, deterioration of the affected body part, and death of the affected tissue (requiring surgery). For more information, see CDC's fact sheet "Acute Radiation Syndrome," at
Congenital Rubella Syndrome
Condition Reports
Countywide, Regionwide, and Statewide Jurisdiction Diversion Progress Report
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Crystal Red Shrimp submitted by TAF CAF
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Cornered Rat Software?WWIIOL developers (AKA: The Rats)
A carrier service which supports the receipt and transmission of ATM cells between end users in compliance with ATM standards and implementation specifications.
A bearer service offered by an ATM network to the end users that delivers ATM cells directly over the network.
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Can't Remember *Stuff
Croatian Register of Shipping. Croatian ship classification society.
Comparison Rate Schedule. The schedule displayed by a lender that give the annual percentage rate and the respective Comparison Rate, for the lender's loan products for specific amounts over specific terms.
Comparison rate schedule. A schedule that shows the annual percentage rate of a loan for an amount over a pre-determined period of time.
Children's Rehabilitation Services
Catholic Relief Services, an international relief and development agency headquartered in the U.S.
Civil Registration Services
Cisco Customer Response Solution
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Coastal Radio Stations
Constant Returns to Scale
Custody Rating Scale
Complaints Resolution Scheme
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Crime Reduction Strategy
Initials showing a case is in superior criminal court. CR is the designation for a case still in district court.
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Committee on Resin Statistics
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See centres.
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Cold Rolled Steel.
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Continuous Request to Send
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