Definitions for "Centers"
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Crs; O.C; Term used for spacing; The measurement of spacing for studs, rafters, and joists in a building from the center of one member to the center of the next.
Designation for the distance between the centers of the handles on a faucet or tub filler. See ‘Center-to-Center'.
The measurement from the middle of the hot faucet-hole drilling to the middle of the cold faucet-hole drilling. The Strom Plumbing Wall-Mounted Tub Filler with Porcelain Cross Handles fits on tubs drilled with 3-3/8” centers.
Inner plies whose grain direction runs parallel to that of the outer plies in veneer core plywood.
Inner plies whose grain direction runs -Id to that of the Outer plies. Included, as centers are parallel laminated plies.
Inner layers whose grain direction runs parallel to that of the outer plies. May be of parallel laminated plies.
Whirlpools of force that swirl etheric, astral and mental matter into activity of some kind; force vertices in matter which demonstrate as activity; centers of existence.
In Gurdjieff's Fourth Way tradition, the Centers refer to separate apparatuses within a being that dictate specific functions within that being. More evolved beings (such as humans) possess more centers than less evolved beings (such as certain animals). The Fourth Way refers to the Center of Gravity in reference to whatsoever center for a particular being functions as a driving force of one's actions.
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Wire, strand or fiber in the center of a strand about which the wires are laid Elastic Limit - Limit of stress above which a permanent deformation takes place within the material Choker - Short wire rope sling used to form a slip noose around the object to be moved or lifted Endless Rope - Rope whose two ends are spliced together
Instructional and organizational strategy in which groups of students rotate through various work stations in the classroom, each with a different learning task or goal. Centers present students with a variety of activities and supply necessary resources and materials to meet the learning task. Centers may have a developmental or educational focus. ( learn more)