Definitions for "SMF"
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Single-mode fiber. Fiber-optic cabling with a narrow core that allows light to enter only at a single angle. Such cabling has higher bandwidth than multimode fiber, but requires a light source with a narrow spectral width (for example, a laser). Also called monomode fiber.
An optical fiber that has a thinner inner core and supports only one mode of light propagation. Single-mode fiber performs better than multi-mode fiber over longer distances at higher transmission rates.
Fiber optic cable in which the signal or light propagates in a single mode or path. Since all light follows the same path or travels the same distance, a transmitted pulse is not dispersed and does not interfere with adjacent pulses. SMF fibers can support up to 17 kilometers and are limited mainly by the amount of attenuation. Refer to MMF.
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Security Master File
Standard MIDI File. A standardized file format for MIDI sequence data. Type 1 SMFs are multitrack, multichannel format, while Type 0 SMFs place all the data onto a single multichannel track. SMFs intended for playback on Windows computers are usually given the file suffix ".MID"; SMFs intended for playback on Macintosh computers are normally given the file type "Midi". (See "Sequencer")
Standard MIDI File. An industry-standard computer-file format for SEQUENCERS. By using a common format, musicians who have different computers or sequencers can share songs and musical ideas.
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System Management Facilities.
Sustainable Management Fund, administered by Ministry for the Environment, its purpose to support the community, industry, iwi, and local government in a wide range of practical environmental management initiatives, by funding projects that provide outcomes with national benefit. (NZ)
Self Managed Fund. A Self Managed Fund is a category of small superannuation fund which has fewer than five members, and where, typically, the members are all involved in the operation of the fund and no member is an employee of another member. These funds are subject to fewer restrictions than other regulated superannuation funds. The Tribunal cannot deal with complaints about SMF's. See section 17A of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993
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Sociaal Medische Functie
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Abbreviation for urface- ount ilter.
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StarOffice Formula
Securities Masterfile provides up-to-date information on securities traded on UK and international markets.