Definitions for "Sound file"
Keywords:  wav, midi, snd, dio, junk
A file containing digitized sound that can be played back if a computer is equipped with multimedia.
a generic term for any data file that contains sampled sound. Generally you will need an appropriate program to play sounds for each format. Typical formats on the Internet are: .wav - a format developed by Microsoft .snd - the standard sound format on Apple Macintosh .au - short for au dio file, au is the standard format on Unix machines and in the Java language. Spam - unsolicited email, quite a large problem on the internet today. The real problem with spam is that the sender of the email does not have to pay any costs to do this, but rather passes on the cost to ISPs who must pay in the form of the computer time and bandwidth required to send these "junk emails."
A digital audio recording which can be stored on a computer hard drive or other digital storage medium such as a Zip disc.
an individual sound recording of any length, whose individual parts may or may not have been recorded at different times