Definitions for "CDA"
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Singola traccia di un CD audio Comments: Microsoft Windows Media Player
CDA stands for CD Audio. You can play .cda files only from a CD-ROM. The tracks however, can be ripped to your HDD as a digital audio format like WAV, wma, or MP3 files. View CDA to MP3, WMA or MP3 Ripper.
CD Audio Track, audio files that are on CD media. You can play .cda files only from a CD-ROM. Often the CDA tracks are ripped to WAV or MP3 files.
Digital Equipment Corp.'s proprietary method for describing and interchanging data, which may include rich text, synthetic graphics, scanned images, voice, relational and spreadsheet-like tables and full-motion video.
A legal document that allows for the discussion and use of confidential (secret) information to another party such that the communication is not a "public disclosure" (which prevents patenting) and prevents the use of the information by the recipient for personal gain. CDA is also referred to as a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA.
Comprehensive Development Agreement (private entity operates toll road)
Consiglio Di Amministrazione
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Coeur d'Alene
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Copper Development Association V. A. Callcut, Deputy Manager Orchard House, Mutton Lane Potters Bar, Herts, EN6 3AP, England Tel: 011-44-1707-650711 Fax: 011-44-1707-642769
Copper Development Association an association based in New York that sets standards for the industry. Common materials we make rivets or contacts from would be the CDA 110 (ETP= Electrolytic Tough Pitch) and CDA102 (OFHC)
Child Development Associate
ommunications ecency ct - a misguided attempt at internet censorship, sensibly overturned by the US Supreme Court.
In 1996, it ALMOST became a federal crime to send a communication which is "obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, or indecent, with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass another person." The First Amendment is saved for the moment, but who knows about the future.
Crime and Disorder Act
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Christen Democratisch Appel
Condonement agreed. Used to record that a failed level 1 module has been condoned and credits awarded. Only applies to students governed by the 7th Edition of the Curriculum Regulations. Exceptional reassessment permitted. Used in the exceptional circumstances of an additional reassessment being permitted after outright failure, and in conjunction with another code which specifies what form the reassessment takes.
Abbreviation for: Canadian Domestic Airspace Fr: CDA
Canadian Diabetes Association
Abbreviation for "certified decorative artist," a distinction given by the Society of Decorative Painters.
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Cheer & Dance Alliance
The CDA was passed overwhelmingly by Congress and signed into law in early February 1996. Many free speech advocates have been fighting the CDA through the Free Speech Online Blue Ribbon Campaign.
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Cow-days/acre. The estimated number of cows that could graze the standing forage on one acre for one day.
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Communications Decency Act (1996).
Content Display Application. The CDA consists of a dynamic web application that provides content display and repurposing capabilities using a set of tables in the userâ€(tm)s database.
Controlled Droplet Application.
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Cosmic Dust Analyser
Child Disability Allowance
Committee for a Disability Agenda
Client Document Access. A service that allows UL clients to electronically access their UL Reports and FUS (Follow-up Service) Procedure documents from a secure Web site.
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Continuous Double Auction
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Command and Data Acquisition
Clinical Document Architecture (specified by HL7).
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California Department of Aging
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Common Data Access