Definitions for "droplet"
Keywords:  photoshop, drag, launch, icon, similat
a mini-program that automatically launches Photoshop and performs a series of actions when you drag a folder of files onto its icon
an icon that you drag your files onto that automatically executes a script
a set of actions that is compiled similat to a
A small spherical particle of any liquid. A maximum size is 0.2mm is often the limit as anything bigger will be considered drizzle.
A spherical particle of liquid measuring more than 5,000 nm.
A small spherical particle of any liquid; in meteorology, particularly a water droplet. There is no defined size limit separating droplets from drops of water, but it is sometimes convenient to denote two disparate size ranges, such as the oft-used distinction of liquid cloud particles (droplets) from liquid precipitation (drops), thereby implying that a maximum diameter of 0.2 mm (0.008 in.) is the limit for droplets. See cloud droplet, drizzle drop, drop, raindrop.
a small, single-purpose application that you can create in Compressor
a very small drop Energy-- power or ability to be active Eskimos or Inuits-- a member of a group of peoples of northern North America and eastern Siberia (very cold countries)
a fluid entity, that can be isolated, and can be seen as a microreactor
a script application on which you can drop files
a self-contained application that works like a miniature version of the Batch window
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The term used to designate an inkjet packet of ink when it is in the air before it strikes the substrate.
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Minute drop which mates to form larger drops capable of falling by gravity.
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A little drop; a tear.
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a tiny drop