Definitions for "Strikes"
Keywords:  elbow, punch, shoken, seisan, koken
Seiken Tsuki- “boxer’s fist” punch Shoken Tsuki- single knuckle strike Hiraken Tsuki- foreknuckle strike Uraken Tsuki- back fist strike Hiji Tsuki- elbow strike Boshiken Tsuki- thumb knuckle strike Nukite- spear hand Shuto Uchi- chop Tettsui Uchi- hammer strike Koken- cupped hand strike (Seisan) Kakushiken- crane beak (Sanseiryu)
Punches, kicks, Elbows, Headbutts, Knees, any quick shot with a body part.
Organized withholding of labor to correct injustice.
Keywords:  better, hours, stopping, get, pay
Stopping work to get more pay, better working conditions or better hours.