Definitions for "Stopping"
the kind of playing that involves pressing the fingers on the strings of a stringed instrument to control the pitch; "the violinist's stopping was excellent"
In the process of playing stringed instruments where the strings lie over a fingerboard, the strings are said to be "stopped" when they are pressed against the fingerboard to alter the open-position interval of the string. Stopping, or pressing against the string, actually shortens the string relative to its open or unstopped position thus increasing its frequency and tonal structure. Accordingly, melodic lines, harmonies, and arpeggiated and blocked chords are a result of stopping positions and techniques. (See "stopped tones" concerning "stopping" and brass instruments.)
On a string instrument, altering the string length by pressing it on the fingerboard. On a horn, playing with the bell closed by the hand or a mute.
See pinching out.
The removal of the growing tip of a plant to induce the production of sideshoots or the formation of flower heads. Also known as "pinching out".
Removal of the shoot tip, usually from a young plant, to encourage branching.
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Material for filling a cavity.
A pad or poultice of dung or other material applied to a horse's hoof to keep it moist.
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To stop earths is to block them at night so that the fox which is out foraging cannot get below ground when he returns. One system of earth stopping was to stop the earths within the area of the day's draw, and to put to others adjacent. Thus the foxes it is hoped to hunt will be above ground and cannot run to ground nearby; nor can hounds change during a run to a fresh fox nearby.
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fastener consisting of a narrow strip of welded metal used to join steel members
The action of final motion of the elevator from leveling speed to an accurate floor level.
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A partition or door to direct or prevent a current of air.