Definitions for "NDA"
New Dynamics of Ageing Programme
National Defense Act EARHAND -- Mangrove Island, New Britain
is a document submitted to the FDA containing all the pre-clinical and clinical data collected on a drug for approval and eventual marketing.
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National Democratic Alliance, opposition alliance of political parties and armed groups formed in exile; members include the SPLM/A, DUP, Sudan Alliance Forces, Beja Congress, and others; from 1995 to 2000 the Umma Party was a member.
National Democratic Alliance, umbrella group of political parties and armed groups opposed to the current government and headquartered in Asmara, Eritrea; members include the SPLM/A, Umma Party, DUP, SAF, Beja Congress, and others
See Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Non-destructive analysis or assay
Non degree applicable Credit courses that do not apply toward a degree and are not transferable.
National Defence Academy
National Defense Academy
National Department of Agriculture, South Africa
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, who will take responsibility for all civil nuclear sites owned and operated by the UKAEA and BNFL
Abbreviation for: Northern Domestic Airspace Fr: NDA
an abbreviation
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No Discharge Area
Usually required as part of a contract to protect the company engaging in services.