Definitions for "non-disclosure agreement"
A contract that restricts the disclosure of confidential information or proprietary...
A Non-Disclosure Agreement is a document that a party signs that essentially makes him/her promise not to publicly reveal information that a company or individual considers confidential in exchange for letting him/her see it. SCO let various tech analysts see a comparison of SCO Unix source code and Linux code under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The clauses in SCO's NDA reportedly were so strict that few Linux developers could actually hope to sign them and then continue with their kernel work. (see kernel; Claybrook, Bill; DiDio, Laura; Taylor, Ian Lance and SCO Forum)
(abbreviation: NDA) A contract commonly used by computer companies to protect the confidentiality of unreleased products. Software developers, reporters, and sometimes beta testers are often required to sign these before they are given access to either information about upcoming products or the product itself.
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