Definitions for "Memorandum of Understanding"
An agreement in the nature of a contract between government agencies about how to interpret laws or regulations. Sometimes called a Memorandum of Agreement.
an agreement between ministers defining the roles and responsibilities of each ministry in relation to the other or others, with respect to matters over which the ministers have concurrent jurisdiction.
An agreement with a non-employee independent contractor or with another agency for the purchase of services. The contracting agency in general will: 1) develop a list of potential providers; 2) make a decision as to which potential providers meet minimum program standards; 3) complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with selected providers; and 4) monitor the services provided through the MOU.
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Same as MOA
One of the two documents produced at the end of mediation concerning financial issues. It sets out the jointly agreed proposals that the couple have reached and although not legally binding can be made so by the solicitors. The other document is the Open Statement of Financial Information which comprises all the finances including assets, liabilities and future budgets of the couple.
A document that ensures some security to the project promoter. If the necessary steps are taken to develop a project (i.e. : feasibility study) the project will be awarded to that promoter.
A mutually agreed written document between parties which confirms their understanding of, and commitment to, principles and objectives embodied in the document.- The principles that we have agreed in order to work together.
This memorandum outlines the responsibilities and clarifies the working relationship of the partners involved in implementing the Smith - Lever Act.
Treaty signed in 1989 by 19 European countries and intended to commit on the ISDN development and interoperability.
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Similar to a Letter of Intent.
A written document signed by the parties setting out their mutual concerns and intent and which is not necessarily legally binding. (For more detailed information click here)
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A statement by two organisations on how they will work together. top of page