Definitions for "PMP"
Payment Milestone Programme. An initiative by the international non-profit consortium RosettaNet to automate accounts receivable reconciliation through the use of XML technology.
See payment milestone programme.
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Polymethyl pentane
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Primary Maths Project
Program Management Plan. A dynamic document serving as a primary resource for systems planning and decision-making across the NIST Deputy Chief Financial Officer landscape as it relates to the CAMS Implementation.
Plan de Mediano Plazo
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Portugese Maritime Pine
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Proton Microprobe
Plant Made Pharmaceuticals. Plant Made Pharmaceuticals (PMP) are the result of a breakthrough application of biotechnology to plants to enable them to produce therapeutic proteins that could ultimately be used by the medical community to combat life-threatening illnesses. In this process, plants themselves become "factories" that manufacture therapeutic proteins. These proteins are then extracted, refined and used in pharmaceutical production. Researchers are currently in various stages of field trials and clinical trials of PMP production.
Abbreviation for Precious Metal Purchasing, the practice of buying scrap and waste material from manufacturers.
PROGRAM MAINTENANCE PROPOSALS. One of the three CSU categories formerly used for development and presentation of the Board of Trustees Support Budget request. This category identified costs attributable to changes in enrollments, facilities and other measures of workload. The calculation of the costs of these revised workload factors were based upon formulas and standards used in past support budgets as approved by the legislative and executive branches of State government. This projection reflected expenditures required to "maintain" the quality of existing programs at approved levels. See Baseline Adjustments and Program Change Proposals.
Preventive Maintenance Package. A maintenance level update for your system. A PMP includes updates for the Base Operating System (BOS) and for each optional software product that is installed on your system.
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Per Member Payment of dues to state and national leagues.
Per member payment. The state and national leagues, funded primarily by local leagues, receive payment that is based upon the number of members in each local League.
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Peeing my pants
Partial Mastectomy Prosthesis. For partial surgical removal or congenital absence of the breast.
Personal Media Players
Portable Media Player
Portable Multimedia Player
A video format that allows full resolution video to be played using pmp homebrew.
A Petroleum Mining Permit as issued by the New Zealand government, each such permit being identified by number.
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Previous menstrual period.
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Pixel makes perfect.