Definitions for "FMC"
Federal Maritime Commission. Federal National Mortgage Association (FannieMae) Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)
Federal Maritime Commission. Regulatory agency responsible for rates and practices of ocean carriers shipping to and from the United States.
Federal Maritime Commission. The U.S. Federal agency responsible for overseeing Ocean Carriers, Conferences, NVOCC's and Ocean Freight Forwarders (now called OTI's - Ocean Transportation Intermediaries) at ocean ports and inland waterways.
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Forward Maintenance Centre
Flexible Machine Centre is usually an automated system comprising CNC machines, with robots loading and unloading parts conveyed into and through the system.
Forward Motion Compensation. A device in the camera which compensates for the forward motion of the aircraft while the shutter is open. FMC reduces blurring of the photographic image.
Facilities Management Contract
Fund Management Charges
Flight management computer
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Credit. Ford Dealers' lending establishment for the purpose of offering credit to cover vehicle inventory carrying expenses.
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Full Metal Case Vaina de Metal completa
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Factory-made cigarettes.
Free Miner Certificate. An authorization granted to an individual, corporation or partnership meeting the statutory requirements, that provides that person with the right of free entry onto mineral lands as well as the right to register mineral titles and other transactions in the registry.
free man of color
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Fixed Mobile Convergence
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Field Medical Card
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FMC Corporation