Definitions for "CEM"
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Customer Experience Management. Management of Customer Experience
Common Element Manager
Comprehensive Emergency Management
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Contagious Equine Metritis
Cost Estimating Mentor. It has to guide the estimator through the different tasks to perform the estimate: a) Determine the type of estimate, b) Define the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), c) Obtain Cost Analysis Requirements Description, d) Develop ground rules and assumptions, e) Select cost estimating methodology, construct cost model, populate model and calculate cost. V-CES Consortium, D1.2, Data Collection Templates and User Requirements Keyword(s): Cost Estimating Mentor (CEM)
Common Evaluation Methodology
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Prince Cem (jem) was a pretender to the Ottoman throne in the 15th century. He lived from 1459 to 1495.
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Catalytic Exhaust Muffler
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(abbr) : cemetery.
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Comité Européen sur les Migrations
Acronym for ontinuous missions onitoring. The measurement and reporting of specific pollutant levels at a facility
A punchable material (paper) used in single-sided boards but not suited for plated through-holes. CEM stands for composite epoxy material.
Continuous Emission Monitor. a type of air emission monitoring device installed to operate continuously inside of a smoke stack or other emission source
Continuous Emissions Monitoring
Contract Electronics Manufacturer
Contract Electronics Manufacturing.
Contract electronic manufacturer.
Consolidation, Extension, and Modification of existing note(s) into one document: the CEM Agreement. In New York, first mortgages and home equity lines and loans may be documented in this manner to reduce the recording tax. Allowed only on properties located in New York State.
College of Engineering and Mathematics.
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(abbreviation) cemetery.