Definitions for "Missions"
Ships & StarBases can carry out missions which vary from simple EXPLORATION through LAY & SWEEP MINES to missions which can only be carried out by specific races e.g. the Fed's SUPER REFIT and the Robots & Colonies BUILD FIGHTERS.
When European traders and explorers began to move into North America, as was the case during the colonization of Europe and Asia, there was an immense desire to Christianize the native populations as a means of "civilizing" and helping to ease the natives in to the more preferable, European Lifestyle. The Jesuits were the first to arrive and, generally established their missions around French colonies. The British Conquest in 1760 brought with it the Methodists, Anglicans and Moravians. In western Canada the most active have been the Wesleyan Methodists, the Oblate Priests (Roman Catholics), the Presbyterians after 1860 and, later the United Church.
Various non-player characters (NPCs) in towns and other areas in the Central Wastelands dole out missions. NPCs available for missions have a white shaft of light surrounding them. Missions are the sole best way of advancing in the game and open up new areas to explore (as well as discover some nice equipment). NPCs may ask you to do a certain task, deliver materials, visit other NPCs or retrieve something.
an award winning team with unparalleled success
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Areas originally set up and governed by different religious denomination for Aboriginal people to live. Today some people use the term to refer to Aboriginal housing developments. The terms "reserves" and "stations" are used as well.
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