Definitions for "RMZ"
Resource Management Zone. m regional or sub-regional plan: A division or zone of the planning area that is distinct from other zones with respect to biophysical characteristics, resource issues or resource management direction. Resource management zones (in LRMP these include settlement, agriculture, high intensity resource development, general resource development, low intensity resource development and protection) may be drawn on a map to describe general management intent. The zones are usually further defined using descriptive objectives and strategies to explain future land use and resource management activities. Resource Management Zone (RMZ) - under the Forest Practices Code: an area established under the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act by the chief forester in accordance with policy direction from Cabinet or designated ministers. While the primary source of resource management zones and objectives will be approved Land and Resource Management Plans or regional land-use plans, Cabinet or the ministers can direct the chief forester to establish a resource management zone independent of a regional or sub-regional planning process.
Resource Management Zone. an area established by a chief forester in accordance with any policy direction from Cabinet or designated ministers. Resource management zones are used to implement broad land use policy, as provided in land and resource management plans or other Cabinet-level directives. An RMZ might include a major travel corridor which has scenic values or an area managed for intensive timber production such as Crown land in a provincial forest and private land in a tree farm licence or woodlot licence that must be managed and used in accordance with the requirements of Forest Practices legislation.
Recreational Management Zone