Definitions for "NRI"
Natural Resources Inventory.
Natural Resource Inventory
Natural Resources Institute
(Net Revenue Interest) That percent of the production revenue allocated to the working interest after first deducting proceeds allocated to royalty and overriding interest.
Net Revenue Interest. The percentage of revenues due an interest holder in a property, net of royalties or other burdens on the property. A landowner leases his mineral rights to an oilman. The landowner retains a royalty of 1/8 (=12.5%); his net revenue interest is 12.5%. The oilman's net revenue interest would be 87.5% (=100% - 12.5%).
Non-resident Indian. Usually US resident. The new Brahmin. Indian matrimonial classifieds specifically seek and advertise NRIs.
Non-Resident Indian, an Indian citizen who stays abroad for employment/carrying on business or vocation outside India or stays abroad under circumstances indicating an intention for an uncertain duration of stay abroad
Non Resident Indians
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Abbr. for ew epublic ntelligence. [ edit
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Numbered Route Instruction
A brand name of an electronic coin mechanism.