Definitions for "MAF"
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (formerly Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries).
Minimum Acceptable Flow. A statutorily established flow or level in an inland water taking account of the character of the inland water, its water quality objectives, public health needs, the requirements of existing lawful uses, the needs of navigation fisheries and land drainage and which should not be reduced by the effects of any licences granted after its establishment. [See sections 21-23 WRA 91].
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (NZ)
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Master Address File. The Census Bureau's permanent list of addresses for individual living quarters based on a combination of the addresses in the 1990 census address file and current versions, supplemented by address information provided by state, local, and tribal governments.
Master Address File. The Census Bureau's permanent list' of addresses for individual living quarters that is linked to the TIGER database and will be continuously maintained through partnerships with the U.S. Postal Service, and Federal, State, regional and local agencies, and private sector. (The MAF will eventually include addresses for business establishments.)
MAF is a cross-platform C++ framework for cellphone application development. A SGI-STL style template library is also included as a part.
Multilateral Assessment Framework
Mission Aiders Forum
Mission Aviation Fellowship
When using the cost approach, the influence of the real estate market is reflected in your assessment through the application of an applied "market adjustment factor." To determine the Applied MAF for an entire valuation neighbourhood when assessing properties using the cost approach, assessors first determine the Calculated MAF of each sale in that valuation neighbourhood (Building Residual divided by the 2002 Replacement Cost New Less Depreciation building value). The median (middle) of the Calculated MAF is the Applied MAF.
macrophage activating factor
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Marine Amphibious Force
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Mid America Festivals, Inc. The company which runs MRF.
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(West Africa) Meat stew, usually eaten with rice
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MS Access Form Shortcut
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Mass Air Flow (sensor)
Mass Air-Flow meter
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Million acre feet.
Microsoft Access Form (filename extension).
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Mean annual flood