Definitions for "ADAS"
Established as the State Advisory Service in 1946 and subsequently becoming the National Agricultural Advisory Service, the ADAS name first appeared in 1971 and it became a private company in 1997.
formerly known as Agriculture Development and Advisory Service
See "Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services".
Abbreviation for Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale.
Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale. An 11-part test that takes 30 minutes to complete. The ADAS is used to assess the language and memory skills of people with Alzheimer's disease.
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Atomic Data and Analysis Structure
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Airborne data aquisition system
Advanced Driver Assistance System
Advanced Driving Assist System
In-vehicle technologies designed to improve vehicle safety by aiding the driver, such as collision avoidance, curve warning, distance control, etc
Australian Diving Accreditation Scheme