Definitions for "SFI"
(Sustainable Forestry Initiative of the American Forest & Paper Association).
Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The program and polices formed by the American Forest and Paper Association (AFandPA). SFI was developed in response to criticism from environmentalists aimed at logging practices that did not promote forest sustainability. SFI is the industrial counterpart to programs promoted by Smartwood (non-profit)and Scientific Certification Systems (for profit) which promote and certify landowners engaged in proactive and sustainable forest management. AFandPA requires all its members to comply with SFI principles among which is the requirement that forest management be "certified" by an independent third party. SFI certification can be easily confused with "green certification" promoted by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
Sustainable Forestry Initiative. A system of principles, objectives and performance measures developed by professional foresters, conservationists and scientists, that is based on the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees.
Ventura Printer Font or SoundStage Sound File Info
A file extension specifying Turtle Beach's SoundStage audio format. Typically encountered as FILENAME.SFI.
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sequential fuel injection. See fuel injection/electronic fuel injection (EFI).
Sequential Fuel Injection. Another type of MPFI.
Solid Fat Index. A measurement of a fat's melting characteristic using a diatometric procedure.
Spondylitis Functional Index
See "Solar Flux Index"
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Serdes Framer Interface
(See also Eleanor Technical Specification) The Sellers Bank or in Identrus terminology the RP
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Synthetic Flight Instructor
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Science Foundation Ireland
Standing Financial Instructions