Definitions for "SCS"
Scalable Collection Service. In a Tivoli environment, a distributed service that enables efficient, asynchronous collection of large amounts of data across complex networks. Formerly called MCollect.
See Scalable Collection Service.
Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) is an independent third party FSC auditor and certification organization. (
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Single Character Server. Servers in SWG that will disallow the use of more than one character.
See SNA Character String.
SNA Character String. A character string composed of EBCDIC control characters, optionally intermixed with end-user data, that is carried within a Request Unit (RU).
"Spinal Cord Stimulation" - See Types of Electrotherapy.
Spinal cord stimulation. involves the insertion of a cable that allows the placement of an electrode directly on the spinal cord and is used with nonmalignant pain that has not been controlled with less invasive therapies
Spinal Cord Stimulation. Electrical device implanted in the spine to control chronic pain.
specialized chromatin structure
Single Crystal Silicon. Silicon material exhibiting a continuous, regular crystalline lattice structure without internal grain boundaries
School of Continuing Studies at Indiana University—dedicated to meeting the lifelong educational needs of learners in Indiana and beyond, by providing academic degrees and quality learning opportunities in a variety of formats and delivery modes.
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Scottish Crime Squad/Survey
Supervisory Control System
Supplemental Control System
Start, change, stop. (The anatomy of control).
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Selective Cull Scheme
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Seat Contour System
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Skilled Counseling Scale
a set of cabling and connectivity products, installation methods, testing, and documentation for voice, data, video, security, (and others)
structured cabling system
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Safe Colour Samples
Building Sustainable Cities and Settlements
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Supply Chain Solutions
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Site Construction Set