Definitions for "Electrotherapy"
The use of electricity in the treatment of a condition. Used on this website to refer to the use of electricity for the purposes of pain relief.
Modalities used in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders e.g. ultrasound, short wave diathermy, interferential therapy, biofeedback, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and laser.
Electrotherapy pertains to the use of electrical stimulation of the body. It may be used to control pain, increase blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce muscle spasm, relax or stimulate the nervous system or aid in the healing process.
Treatment of medical conditions by the use of electricity.
Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy in the treatment of impairments of health and a conditions of abnormal functioning. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, "The IEEE standard dictionary of electrical and electronics terms". 6th ed. New York, N.Y., Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, c1997.