Definitions for "Modalities"
Methods of treatment (I.E. massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.).
a variety of intervention methods and equipment
Therapeutic method or agent.
A framework of rules and commitments that are being negotiated in the current WTO agriculture negotiations in the areas of market access, domestic support and export competition. The modalities will form the basis for the development of country schedules or offers.
The Agreement on Agriculture was made up of three components, the text of the Agreement, the Country Schedules submitted to the WTO that included base year data and the commitments, and the "modality" documents of the Negotiating Group on Agriculture, which had no legally binding force but were agreed to by the negotiating parties as the suggested set of procedures to use to calculate various indicators and commitments.
Modalities are fundamental to understanding the concept behind Structuration. According to Anthony Giddens the modalities explain the idea behind his analysis of the properties of the Structure. The structure is said to have both constraining and enabling qualities.
Channels – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic – through which information enters the brain.