Definitions for "Tapotement"
Springy blows to the body at a fast rate to create rhythmical comression to the tissue.
a gentle, tapping movement on the face made during a facial massage to stimulate circulation.
(ta-pot-mon') [Fr.]. Percussion in massage. It is divided into beating with the clenched hand, used for sciatica and muscular atrophy; clapping performed with the palm of the hand, used to reach superficial nerves; hacking with the ulnar border of the hand, used principally around a nerve center and upon the muscles; punctuation with the tips of the fingers, used principally around the heart and upon the head. The strength of the manipulations is an essential factor in the massage treatment, and care must be taken not to bruise the patient. As a rule, begin with moderate pressure, ascertaining from the patient his sensation. A lubricating lotion or cream should be used to avoid abrading the skin. tapping (tap'ing).1. [O. Fr. taper, of imitative origin]. 1. Percussion in massage. SYN: tapotement. 2. taeppa, tap]. Removal of fluid from a cavity. SYN: paracentesis.