Definitions for "RMA"
RIPARIAN MANAGEMENT AREA. Defined in the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act Operational Planning Regulation as an area, of width determined in accordance with Part 10 or the regulation, that is adjacent to a stream, wetland or lake with a riparian class of L2, L3 or L4; and, consists of a riparian management zone and, depending on the riparian class of the stream, wetland or lake, a riparian reserve zone.
Riparian Management Area. a classified area of specified width surrounding or adjacent to streams, lakes, riparian areas, and wetlands. The RMA includes, in many cases, adjacent upland areas. It extends from the top of the streambank (bank full height) or from the edge of a riparian area or wetland or the natural boundary of a lake outward to the greater of: 1) the specified RMA distance, 2) the top of the inner gorge, or 3) the edge of the flood plain. Where a riparian area or wetland occurs adjacent to a stream or lake, the RMA is measured from the outer edge of the wetland.
Relocatable Module Area - Area of memory which the operating system uses for managing Relocatable modules.
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See Robert Morris Associates.
Robert Morris Association. A trade association of bank credit people who set the standard for bank credit information. ale and Leaseback - A transaction where property is sold to a party on the condition that it is immediately leased back to the seller. (Can be an attractive method for the owner of a capital asset to raise working capital.)
Rubber Manufacturers Association
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Region Management information. In DVD-Video, an 8-bit (1 byte) value stored in the CPR_MAI that indicates in which regions of the world a disc is permitted to play. See regional management.
In DVD-Video, an 8-bit (1-byte) value that appears in the CPR_MAI and is used to indicate the regions of the world where users can play a disc.
The military's realization that information and information technologies must be considered as a weapon in plotting any military strategy.
Revolution in Military Affairs, Revolution in Management Affairs
Revolution in Military Affairs. The realization by the military that information, and information technologies must be considered as a weapon in achieving national objectives via military activity.
Return(ed) Material Authorization
Return Material Allowance. authorization to return a product to a supplier.
Radiological Material Area (an area or structure where radioactive material is used, handled, or stored)
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efused edical ssistance.
Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America
Robust Multichip Averaging (Irizarry et al. ).
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MIL-F-14256 or QQ-S-571E identity code for a mildly activated rosin flux as used for much electronics work.
Rate Monotonic Analysis -- a set of methods used to specify, analyze, and predict the timing behavior of realtime systems.
Refugee Medical Assistance. A time-limited medical assistance program provided to eligible refugees who are ineligible for Medicaid.
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Royal Marine Artillery
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Random multiple access