Definitions for "RealTime"
Realtime is a Barbershop quartet that won the Barbershop Harmony Society's International Quartet Championship in 2005. They finished 7th-place the previous year (the first ever top-ten finish for a western-Canadian quartet). Lead singer John Newell is the first Australian-born international champion.
Realtime was a Canadian radio show, which aired Saturday evenings on CBC Radio Two from 1994 to 1997.
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1) Pertaining to actual time during which a physical process transpires. 2) Pertaining to an application in which response to input is fast enough to effect subsequent input, as when conducting the dialog that takes place at terminals in interactive systems.
Fast enough, that is, multiple frames per second of display, with a tolerable lag time between an event and its display on the screen
The term to describe what can be processed fast enough to make it operate on the same time scale as real time does.
An application in which information is received and responded tp immediately.
A Realtime session is one in which the witness testimony is transcribed by the court reporter, and the court reporter's transcription appears on connected laptop computers at nearly the same moment. This allows attorneys to mark key testimony during the deposition and have the testimony immediately available after the deposition without having to wait.
This is a difficult one to define. Usually used with reference to a VCR running in 3 hour mode. (Also 4 hours with E240 tapes and 6 or 8 hours in long play). Some timelapse VCRs have a “realtime” 24 hour mode. These run 3 times faster than normal 24 hour VCRs but are lower quality as they only work in long play mode.
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a cutting edge way to overcome both of these hurdles
Reorder quantity Reverse engineering
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Live Internet Relay Chat (IRC) with other players.