Definitions for "TAPES"
strips of cloth or tape pasted or sewed to the back of a book, the ends of which are glued or laced down to the cover to strengthen the binding
Pieces of tape or strips of cloth attached to the covers, and to which sections are sewn to strengthen the binding.
Strips of fabric, usually one or two inches wide, used to hold a blind together.
Total Army Performance Evaluation System. TAPES is used to evaluate civilian employee performance. See also Career Development
Total Army Personnel Evaluation System
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Used to reinforce seams and armholes or used as tie-straps or apron ties.
an integrating environment for all enterprise recorded data, information, and knowledge
Tapes are primarily used for backing up computer systems for resilience in case of failure. They consist of a spool (or spools) of long magnetic tape that can be used to sequentially write data to. Due to the nature of being sequential, they don't lend themselves well for updating frequently, for example, during the time a program is running and constantly needed to read and write data to the tape. Hard discs are a far better device for this purpose. However, tapes can be long and very thin, allowing a very high density of data per inch of tape to be stored. This means that full computer systems can be "spooled" to tape. If the computer then fails, this data and program information can be restored after the repair has taken place. Storage device sizes are measured in bytes, a byte representing a single character of information. See also Storage Devices, Hard Discs, Kilobyte, Megabyte and Gigabyte.
Non-commissioned officers’ stripes.
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an ideal tool for planning and development