Definitions for "Valance"
Hanging drapery for a bed, couch, window, or the like, especially that which hangs around a bedstead, from the bed to the floor.
To furnish with a valance; to decorate with hangings or drapery.
A piece that goes over the face of the headrail for a more finished look.
Body panel below the bumper bar.
(Also referred to as "front air dam.") This is the panel that extends below the vehicle's front bumper. The relation of the bottom of the valance, or its ground clearance, affects the amount of front downforce the vehicle creates. Lowering the valance creates more front downforce.
a device that has the semblance of a panel but is actually a metal strip mounted between fenders, bumpers and grilles
This is a somewhat outdated concept in chemistry. It is a number that tries to predict with how many neighboring atoms a certain atom can form a chemical bond with. For redox reactions, it has been superseded by the concept of oxidation number.
Fringe, usually for verandahs, between the posts. (Often spelt valence).
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The drooping edging of the lid of a trunk, which covers the joint when the lid is closed.
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See Tongue-and-Groove in this Glossary.
A valance is the front plate covering the mechanical workings of blinds; designed to provide a more attractive appearance.
how much value an individual places on a particular outcome. (664)
A whole number indicating for any element its ability to combine with another element.