Definitions for "Valence"
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The degree of combining power of an atom (or radical) as shown by the number of atoms of hydrogen (or of other monads, as chlorine, sodium, etc.) with which it will combine, or for which it can be substituted, or with which it can be compared; thus, an atom of hydrogen is a monad, and has a valence of one; the atoms of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon are respectively dyads, triads, and tetrads, and have a valence respectively of two, three, and four.
measure of the number of antigens contained in a vaccine.
A small positive or negative whole number, also called oxidation number, which indicates the net number of electrons gained or lost in the formation of an ion, or the number of electrons the substance can donate or accept in a chemical reaction, and thus the numbers of each kind of ion necessary for a balanced chemical reaction. For example, two hydrogen ions (each with a valence of +1) must be present for each ion of oxygen (-2) to form a molecule of water (H2O).
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short curtain round bedstead, or canopy.
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Valence is a Neofolk music group from St. Louis, USA.
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Bodywork used in aerodynamics, usually at the front or rear lower portion of a race car.
The unwitting assumption by one individual of the characteristics of another individual.
Variance Reports Vertical mergers
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US term for a TEASER attached to the main house tabs.
The positive or negative quality of emotions. (There are no neutral emotions.) See also contrastive valence.
Whether information about something is good (positive valence) or bad (negative valence).
The worth or attractiveness of an outcome. [10
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See degree.