Definitions for "Arity"
The number of attributes (columns) in a database relation (table).
"Arity" is the number of arguments of a function. For example, the function Cos(x) has one argument and so we say that " Cos has arity 1". Arity of a function can be 0, 1, 2, ... Yacas allows to define functions with the same name but different arities, and different rules corresponding to these arities will be used. Also, it is possible to define a function with optional arguments, for example, Plot2D is one such function. Such functions can have any arity larger or equal to a certain minimum arity (the number of non-optional arguments). See also: Function , OpPrecedence , Rule .
A non-negative integer, representing the number of arguments in a structure.
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a newly allocated pair
The property of a relationship which enumerates how many entities are involved. Relationship Arity