Definitions for "Dealers"
Keywords:  craps, odds, lay, casino, bets
Casino employees at either end of a Craps table responsible for paying out and placing Free Odds and Lay bets.
The people at the ends of the craps table that place and pay out Free-Odds and Lay bets.
Keywords:  jwod, aopd, javits, wagner, gsa
The local AOPD office products distributor. GSA General Services Administration is the premiere government purchasing program providing the most effective contracting vehicle available. Federal agencies are able to secure buildings, services, products, technology, and other workplace essentials through this program. JWOD Javits-Wagner-O' Day program is a mandatory Federal purchasing initiative that creates employment and training programs for people who are blind or severely handicapped.
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Galleries, collectible shops or individuals who carry and sell artwork. Authorized dealers are those who, by signed agreement, carry and sell the artwork represented by certain print publishers.