Definitions for "MCC"
MESOSCALE CONVECTIVE COMPLEX. A large mesoscale convective system (MCS) which is about the size of the state of Ohio or Iowa and lasts at least 6 hours. Forming during the afternoon and evening, this is the peak time for associated severe weather. The complex normally reaches its peak intensity at night when heavy rainfall and flooding become the primary threat.
mesoscale convective complex. A large organized convective weather system comprised of a number of individual thunderstorms. The size of an MCC can be 1000 times larger than an individual air-mass thunderstorm.
Mesoscale Convective Complexes
Medicines Classification Committee
erchant ategory ode - a universal four-digit merchant classification code that identifies the merchant by type of processing, authorization and settlement. Similar to a Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC), but more defined.
The general code each merchant is given by credit card companies to determine the types of goods and/or services they provide.
the Marylebone Cricket Club, considered the finest cricket site in London, it is commonly referred to as "Lords". Scene 5
The Marylebone Cricket Club, the spiritual home of cricket at Lord's in St Johns Wood in London. For the greater period of cricket's formal history, the MCC which was founded in 1787, was the autocratic arbiter in cricket matters. No law could be changed without its approval. And while the administration of the game world-wide has moved to the International Cricket Council, and to the England and Wales Cricket Board in Britain, the MCC is still regarded as the ultimate defender of the laws of the game, a type of Privy Council of cricket. For many years, English touring teams were known officially as the MCC but as the 'great' has ebbed away from Britain and its colonies, so the influence of the MCC has diminished. Also the initials of the Melbourne Cricket Club in Victoria.
Medical Council of Canada
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation.: No, I don't know where the went, either. An industry consortium that developed MacWAIS and MacWeb.
(U.S.) Microelectronics and Computer Consortium
Multi Crew Co-operation
Manchester Computing Centre
mission crew commander
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Maintenance Connector Controller
The area of the central office used by the plant personnel to survey system operation, as well as traffic and alarm monitoring. The center will group reporting devices, data sets and visual displays in one space. This is the area from which a digital system would be monitored and controlled within the building. Power alarm indications which impact on the switching system are often extended into this area.
Master Control Computer, central coordinating computer at the XRCF facilty during AXAF calibration.
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onroe ommunity ollege.
Millenium Challenge Corporation
Millennium Challenge Corporation. Administers the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA), a United States government initiative which provides development assistance to eligible countries. The MCC is a government corporation with a Board of Directors, and is chaired by the Secretary of State.
icroelectronics and omputer echnology Corp.
Mathcad Configuration or Dialer10 Calling Card
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Miniature coaxial cable.
Maryland Charities Campaign. A State’s agency campaign to raise money for many individual agencies throughout the state. Every agency must apply separately.
Multi-Country Consolidation
Materials Consolidation and Conversion
Mathematical Competitions Committee
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Mortgage Credit Certificate
Mortgage Credit Certificates
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Mixed Cut and Carry