Definitions for "FBO"
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"Fixed Base Operator." A business that sells fuel, rents planes, offers flight instruction, etc. The name stems from the barnstorming days when a pilot would get tired of flying the airshow circuit and would set up a "fixed base", where he would give rides and teach flying.
ixed ase perator- A shop/hangar usually located at an airport that provides aircraft installation/service/fuel, etc.
A commercial operation supplying fuel, maintenance, aircraft sales, rental, flight training, handling and other general aviation services at an airport.
For Benefit Of is used in electronic funds transfers to notate a second beneficiary or to designate a contact person or organization.
For the advantage a second beneficiary is used in electronic transferences of bottoms to notate or to indicate to a person or an organization of the contact.
Front Bumper Overlay. It covers over the entire existing bumper cover or the bumper without removing either.
Abbreviation used in account registration when one party is acting as custodian for another.
Refers to For Benefit Of. Term is often used in wire transfer instructions. Here, it indicates the party for whom the money is to be ultimately credited.
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Faith Based Organization
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Frame Buffer output.