Definitions for "dispatcher "
Dispatcher is a short time scheduler simulator for use in studying operating systems principles. FCFS, round robin, virtual round robin, and priority schedulers are available.
Person responsible for scheduling and routing freight, labor, ect.
Person responsible for scheduling and routing freight, labor, etc.
The system agent that helps in sending a job to an idle work process by identifying the type of task (ex: update, on-line, batch)
A Panther web application broker process which acts as the messenger between a requester and a Jserver. When a requester starts, it notifies the dispatcher that it intends to submit a request. The dispatcher waits for a Jserver to become idle and then connects it to the incoming requester.
a machine running the NT Service that physically sends the messages
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The person in charge of all movements with their designated region (i.e. the Pittsbugh East Dspr is in charge of the trackage from Alto to Conpit). The Dspr is also in charge of issuing Form D's.
This is the daemon or service component of the Messaging Server. The dispatcher initiates all the Messaging Server processes and monitors ports for incoming messages and finger queries.
A dispatcher is a component of the Transaction Engine which contains all the transactions on a page and handles all interactions between that page and the transactions: executes the transactions, feeds the recordsets generated by the transactions to the page, displays the transaction's error messages, etc.
A daemon or service component of the mail server. The dispatcher initiates all the mail server processes and monitors ports for incoming messages and finger queries.
The individual who plans and controls the movement of trains.
An airline employee who is responsible for authorizing the departure of an aircraft. The dispatcher must ensure, among other things, that the aircraft's crew have all the proper information necessary for their flight and that the aircraft is in proper mechanical condition.
An employee who coordinates all train movements in his assigned area (usually one division). He is authorized to issue specific orders to keep trains moving.
A specialially qualified telephone secretary whose responsibility is to review calls to determine if they should be relayed immediately or held for later checkin or faxing. The dispatcher will follow the procedure and sequence of contacts detailed by the Subscriber should the message warrant immediate relay.
A person who receives and relays requests for interpreter services.
the person who bears responsibility for dispatching materials to the learner in a timely fashion, maintaining inventory and warehousing and keeping records.
a facility where one can register handlers for various events and that invokes the handlers if these events happen
an attendant who directly controls the operation at the top of a water slide
An R/3 kernel process which controls work processes within an instance.
the official who signals the beginning of a race or competition
An individual who uses radio or other means to dispatch public or private safety agency's resources. This person may or may not function as a 9-1-1 call answerer.
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One who dispatches.