Definitions for "ACS"
Advanced Camera for Surveys—Instrument to be installed on Hubble Space Telescope in 1999 servicing mission. ACS consists of three cameras, covering the wavelength range from 120 to 1,000 nm.
Automated Commercial System. The system used by CBP to track, control, and process all commercial goods imported into the United States.
ddress hange ervice is a method provided by the USPS to electronically update your mailing list. Using special coding, the USPS provides a file of updated addresses specific to your mailing list.
Acute coronary syndrome. Describes patients who present with myocardial ischemia. Included in this group are unstable angina and acute myocardial infarction (MI), both ST-segment elevation MI and non-ST-segment elevation MI. The predominant cause of ischemia is due to reduced myocardial perfusion caused by a nonocclusive thrombus that has developed from a disrupted atherosclerotic plaque.
See acute coronary syndrome.
acute coronary syndromes. A range of sudden-onset conditions caused by lack of oxygen to the heart muscle. These events are characterized by erosion, fissuring or rupture of a pre-existing plaque that causes clotting and impaired blood supply to the heart. The symptoms of coronary artery disease are manifested under a single term because it is understood that they are caused by a similar sequence of pathologic events.
Academic Computing Services. They maintain computer labs throughout the campus. There are several in S&E, CLICS and the tunnel on the first level of the Geisel Library building.
Academic Computing Services (UCSD) and Access Services (Libraries)
Administrative Contract Services
American College of Surgeons
Abbreviation for the American Camellia Society
American Cancer Society. An organization that supports research, produces educational materials and programs, and offers many other services to cancer patients and their families.
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Automatic Cartridge System. Contains at least one LSM.
Automatic Call Sequencing Agent Worker in a call centre
Automatic Clutch System (Mercedes-Benz)
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Air Commando Squadron
"Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" short for Acura cars"Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" what you call someone whose name you don't know
A device for handling incoming calls. Typically it answers an incoming call, gives the caller a message and puts them on hold, signaling agents a call is waiting. It has no internal switching mechanism and does not affect the call in any way. It provides an indication of which call should be picked up next in order of arrival and keeps statistical information on the progress of calls. No agent statistics are provided.
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Alameda Corridor Surcharge.
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Autograph card, signed.
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Auxiliary Crane Ship AR - Repair Ship
Association of Convenience Stores
Association of Caribbean States
Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools
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Abolish Child Support/Family Court Party
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orients the spacecraft with respect to the sun
Average cold spell
Active Chapter Size. Average membership of all chapters within a given population division.
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Access Control and Security
See: Access Control Server
See access control set.
Application configuration specification