Definitions for "Community service"
within the context of the National Community Service Trust Act, "encompasses any human act serving the common good; in the interest of the community."
The performance of unpaid work, usually in a social service setting, aimed specifically at restoring the victim and community for the harm caused by a juvenile’s delinquent activity.
Community service is an outdated term for community punishment. (See Community Punishment.)
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An elective option for Juniors and Seniors, it is a way for students to contribute to the local community in ways that can touch the lives of others while teaching important lessons and skills.
Student volunteer work at community organizations such as daycare or senior citizen centers. In many schools, community service is a requirement for graduation and is viewed as a way to teach kids through real world experiences.
Volunteer hours spent helping a cause
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a mandatory act of charity; minimum requirement of ten hours.
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A project or an event undertaken by a club, project group, or an individual 4-H member to help make the community a better place in which to live.