Definitions for "SCOUTS"
A person that studies teams and reports their findings to handicappers.
Person(s) who study team plays and/or practice and report findings to handicappers.
Belgians of almost any age. Observed at weekends in immense swarms at railway stations and town centres, normally wearing shorts regardless of the prevalent weather conditions. Scouts do not appear to actually do anything, but they are always in a large group, going somewhere and making lots of noise.
Scouts is the section of Scouts Australia for boys and girls aged 10.5 - 15, although they can move up to the Venturer Scouts section from the age of 14.5. It follows the Cub Scout section. Scouts belong to patrols, headed by a youth leader as Patrol Leader.
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a T-shirt (white or orange or blue), green shirt, green pants or bike-shorts or leggings (blue or green or orange) and finally a checkered scarf
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person(s) who waits for what he thinks is an unusually strong wager. AKA. Sports Player.