Definitions for "SDC"
Staff Development Center (at Faulkner Ridge Facility)
Systems Developing companies.
An abbreviation for Share Depository Center or Securities Depository Center For the SET, SDC is operated by a computerized securities depository system within the Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd. (TSD) for handling the tasks of securities depository, withdrawal, and transfer. The system enables the TSD to provide fast and convenient services to its members, and so custodians and investors, and greatly enhances clearing and settlement efficiency.
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StarOffice Spreadsheet
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Subsidiaries and dependent companyies
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Special Day Class. Instructional setting in which students with disabilities receive special instruction more than 50% of the day.
Special Day Class. See SDP.
Special Day Class. a self-contained classroom in which only students who require special education instruction for more than 50% of the school day are enrolled.
This is the amount of physical damage the cyberdeck may take before it is no longer operational.
Status Determination Criteria. Objective and measurable criteria used to determine if a stock is being overfished or is in an overfished state according to the National Standard Guidelines.
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Self Defense Corps
Southern Defense Command
Sales Distribution Centre. This is a sales and marketing organisation. Each SDC requires space for an office an storage of samples. A SDC's objective is to promote, sell and obtain orders for the Chocolate Graphics product.
Summary Data Component
Sample Data Collection