Definitions for "SDP"
Simple Device Protocol
The Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol (SDP). It is used for locating and describing services provided by or available through a Bluetooth device.
Protocol used to determine what services a Bluetooth device has available.
Serbian Democratic Party
Singapore Democratic Party
Social Democratic Party
Site Definition Processor; processor that organizes all data for input to Site Definition Files by accessing databases containing all necessary information and executing a hierarchical protocol to read these data files and extract required data.
See Strain Distribution Pattern.
An area on disk set aside for temporary, sequential storage of data; an abbreviation for equential isk rocessor. It is available on some M implementations (e.g., DSM-11).
Sociaal-Democratische Partij
Shoulder Disarticulation Prosthesis. A prosthesis utilized for acquired amputations or congenital absences of the complete arm involving the hand, forearm, elbow, and upper arm through the shoulder joint.
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Sudanese Pound
Special Day Program. These programs serve students who cannot participate in general education classes for a majority of the school day. These classes are provided on general education sites. As appropriate, students enrolled in special day classes interact with their general education peers through academic, non-academic and extracurricular activities.
Survey/Sortie Days Planned
A text file used with QuickTime Streaming Server that provides information about the format, timing, and authorship of a live streaming broadcast and gives the user's computer instructions for tuning in.
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The Sodium Disposal Plant at Dounreay
Scalable Diagnostic Platform
This Act bans discrimination based on gender or marital status in employment or when making a job offer.
Software Development Process -- the process documented herein
Simplified Declaration Procedure
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State Domestic Product
School Development Plan
Software Development Plan